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JCK Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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Wednesday, November 2, 7:00-9:00pm
Crescenta Valley Methodist Church, 2700 Montrose Ave., Room 24, Montrose 91020
    6:30pm: Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.
    7:00pm: Call to Order [Evelyn Van Orden, President]
    Approval of Minutes [Marsha Stoddard, Secretary]

    Thanks for Treats [Cathy Wacker, Hospitality]
    Treasurer's Report [Cindy Vogel, Treasurer]
    Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy]

    Announcements [Members]
    Empty Bowls Fundraiser [Cathy Wacker]
    Holiday Potluck Party [Evelyn Van Orden]
    Beaded Bow Hat Demonstration [Jerri Thomson]
    Show and Share [Members]
    9:00pm: Adjourn
    7:10 pm: Meeting Called to Order   
Evelyn Van Orden, President    25 members and 2 joining members were present – a record turnout!!
A. Approval of Minutes    Marsha Stoddard, Secretary
        1. Minutes of the October 5 General Meeting were emailed to active members, posted on the website, and a hardcopy was available for review at the meeting. They were approved.
B. Thanks for Treats    Cathy Wacker, Hospitality
        1. Cathy Wacker thanked Sandra Canfield and Jerri Thomson for bringing the yummy treats.
   C. Treasurer's Report    Cindy Vogel, Treasurer
        1. Cindy reported that the balance in our treasury is $815.24 (plus interest).
    D. Philanthropy Report    Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy 
        1. Judy reported that Afghans for Afghanistan is beginning a new push for school kids age 7–16. They always want socks and sweaters, in wool only. She would also like any size squares out of wool, tightly knit or crocheted, to make into afghans. Simple garter stitch is preferred, if you are knitting.
Jerri Thomson told us that Knots of Love is finishing up a Veteran’s drive for chemo caps for patients who are veterans. It ends on November 11, Veteran’s Day.
        3. Betty Molinaro took our items for Christ Child Society’s baby layettes. With what was collected at the November meeting, our grand total of donated items for this past year is 59 blankets, 24 sweaters, 88 hats, and 3 pairs of booties. What an enormous effort and a wonderful donation! Thanks to all who participated and to Betty for collecting and taking our things.
Olga Martinez (818-352-3032) reminded us that her church, the First Covenant Church in Eagle Rock, feeds dinner to the homeless on Thursday nights. Each time they feed about 80 people, mostly young, white men. She hopes to have a gift for each one at the holidays, and she has been collecting our donated hats and scarves. She needs them by the December JCK meeting. Please use acrylic or cotton yarn so the items can be washed, and use unisex colors. This month our group donated 18 hats and 15 scarves. Olga has more than 80 things now! Thank you all so much for your generosity and dedication!
        5. Betty Molinaro has been collecting little preemie hats to donate to Huntington Hospital’s NICU in Lynne Emery’s memory. She hopes to take our things in early November. Evelyn wrote a lovely letter about Lynne to be included with our donations. Betty has collected 39 hats, 8 blankets, 2 sweaters, and 2 pairs of booties! It is a wonderful donation, and Lynne would be so delighted! Thanks to everyone who participated.
        6. In past years, we also have made little red hats for babies at all our charities during the holidays.

 Interested members could do the same thing this year.      
        7. Marsha informed us that Operation Gratitude will have it’s collection of hats and scarves for the troups in early December. Each year they send about 60,000 shoeboxes with a handmade item included. To date they have shipped over 700,000 boxes! They request hats and scarves 5-7” wide and 45-50” long (PLEASE NOTE change in length from the figure I mentioned at the meeting!). Please use washable acrylic in dark, neutral colors.
        8. **** December meeting deadlines for the following charities:  Holiday-colored baby hats, for local hospitals; Washable hats and scarves for the homeless men at Olga’s church; and washable hats and scarves for the troups through Operation Gratitude.
       10. Charities that we help all year:    
           a. Afghans for Afghanistan continues to need items for children aged 7–16, such as vests, hats, sweaters, socks, and blankets, and the items should be wool only. ’Afghans’ mainly needs socks and sweaters. Judy Gregory takes our donations and mails them off. We can also make wool afghan blocks of any size, using worsted weight wool yarn in a firm (not lacey) pattern. Judy prefers garter stitch. She collects them and then puts them together to make afghans.
           b. Christ Child Society takes baby things: blankets, hats, booties, sweaters. Betty Molinaro will collect them each month. This group makes layettes for needy mothers, and they like to include a handmade item.

           c. Jerri Thomson collects chemo caps for Knots of Love, an organization that sends the caps to cancer centers, now even in England. They have a website which lists the specific yarns they require us to use for the caps.
           d. Irene Rezaie takes 2 or 4-holed buttons to send to women in Africa. They make things to sell using these buttons, and it gives them a livelihood.

           e. Kimberly Smith works as a nurse at the L.A. County USC Medical Center NICU. She delivers our preemie things – hats, booties, blankets, sweaters. The blankets can be small, to cover the isolettes.
           f. Marsha Stoddard collects dark-colored hats and scarves all year for Operation Gratitude, a group that sends boxes to our troops in December. The limits to the scarf size and patterns are available at the website:
           g. Any new charity is welcome – the member interested in that charity should take responsibility for explaining the charity, any specific requirements, and then collect and deliver our donations
. Announcements
        1. Olga Martinez brought a huge stash of yarn from a former JCK member. Our members enjoyed sorting through and picking yarn for themselves. 
        3. Kim Smith told us that in the 6 months since their very early birth, her preemie twins, Lucy and Jack, are now healthy and thriving and have grown from approximately 1 and 2 lbs to 12 and 13 lbs! Congratulations, Kim!
Cathy Wacker, who belongs to the church where we meet and who has been kind enough to arrange for us to meet there for free, announced that the church’s fundraiser, called Empty Bowls, will be held Saturday night, November 12.  Their women’s group has made hundreds of beautiful ceramic soup bowls, and people can go to the church and pay $15 for a bowl and various soups and breads donated by local restaurants and bakeries (no dessert). There will be a band and other entertainment. The proceeds go to help several local charitable groups. Last year’s event raised over $7000. Evelyn suggested we go as a group to support the church’s efforts and thank them for allowing us the space for free. We will meet at 5:00 there. If you can’t attend the event but wish to make a donation, please contact Cathy, 818-248-1415, or make your check payable to Crescenta Valley Methodist Church (for Empty Bowls).
    F. Empty Bowls Fundraiser
    Cathy Wacker
        1. Cathy Wacker, who belongs to the church where we meet and who has been kind enough to arrange for us to meet there for free, told us about a fundraiser being held called Empty Bowls on Saturday, November 12 from 4:30-8:00pm at the church.
        2. Her women’s group is busily making beautiful ceramic soup bowls. For a $15 donation, you will receive a handmade bowl and various soups and breads donated by local restaurants and bakeries. There will be a band and other entertainment.
        3. All proceeds benefit Friends In Deed House, Bailey Human Care Center at Tujunga UMB, and Christians Concerned for Burma. Last year’s event raised over $7000.
        4. Evelyn suggested we go as a group about 5:00 to support the church’s efforts.
    G. Holiday Potluck Party    Evelyn Van Orden, Coordinator
        1. T
he JCK 9th Annual Holiday Potluck Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange will be held on December 7 from 6:30–9:00 (note time change). Setup will start at 6:00.
 Bring a potluck dish and a wrapped white-elephant gift (brought from home, not something newly-purchased).
        3. Guests are welcome, but if you are bringing a guest, please let Evelyn know. Please bring enough gifts for each guest you bring.
        4. We should figure on up to 40 attendees for planning of food and utensils/drinks.
        5. Prizes will be donated by a few members and local businesses. Judy moved that we sell raffle tickets for the prizes for $1 each, with proceeds to go as an unrestricted gift to the Crescenta Valley Methodist Church, as thanks for the use of their space to meet for free. The motion was seconded and passed. Judy will do the gift exchange and prizes.
        6. Bring holiday theme baby hats for local hospitals, washable hats and scarves for the homeless men at Olga’s church, and chemo caps for Knots of Love.
    H. Beaded Bow Hat Demonstration    Jerri Thomson
        1. Jerri brought hardcopies of the pattern and demonstrated the Beaded Bow Hat. If you need a pattern, see the Knots of Love website
        2. Jerri mentioned that Walmart has a huge selection of the pony beads needed for this project.
        3. Thanks Jerri for all your efforts for Knots of Love and for your excellent demonstration!
I. Break
1. Members helped themselves to a variety of donated items while enjoying delicious treats!
    J. Show and Share
    9:05pm: Meeting Adjourned


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