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JCK Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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JCK General Meeting
Wednesday, November 5, 7:00-9:00pm

Crescenta Valley Methodist Church, 2700 Montrose Ave., Room 25, Montrose 91020
    6:30pm: Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.
    7:00pm: Call to Order [Evelyn Van Orden, President]
    Approval of Minutes [Marsha Stoddard, Secretary]
    Treasurer's Report [Jerri Nicol, Treasurer]
    Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy]
Announcements [Members]
    Show and Share [Members]
    9:00pm: Adjourn
    7:10pm: Meeting Called to Order    Evelyn Van Orden, President    17 members were present, plus 1 visitor.
    A. Minutes    Marsha Stoddard
        1. Minutes of the October meeting were posted on the website and a hardcopy was available for review. They were approved.
    B. Treasurer's Report    Marsha Stoddard for J
erri Nicol
        1. Marsha reported for Jerri that the balance in our treasury is still $932.57.
    C. Announcements    Members

        1. Cathy Wacker thanked Diane Larsen and Michelle Tang for the yummy treats.

        2. Judy Gregory introduced her guest Lori Goldbach, the Creative Director of Rio De La Plata Yarn Company.
        3. Evelyn talked about Knit for the Cure, which is part of the Pasadena annual Race for the Cure. It will be held March 15, 2009 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. We have supported the event every year by volunteering at the Knit for the Cure tables in the Susan G. Komen Foundation tent. We also have made scarves, hats, fingerless mittens, stuffed toys, etc. to be sold there. Our members Michelle Bernal and Jennifer Minzey are in charge of Knit for the Cure. They will be collecting knit/crochet items after the first of the year. The items should be made to include some amount of pink, although there are always shoppers looking for non-pink things as well. The proceeds will go to the Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research, prevention, and treatment. Any items not sold get donated to the Komen Foundation to give as gifts to survivors. You can see pictures of past events by looking at
        4. Becky Goodman has kindly offered to be in charge of the Holiday Potluck again this year. It will be held Wednewday, December 3 at
6:30 (note time change). Becky brought a sign-up sheet for us all to indicate what we will bring. She will buy a ham and whatever else is needed with the $50 that we allotted to her at the October meeting. Cathy Wacker said that we could also use the room next door for the party. Lynne Emery is sending out instructions for the White Elephant Gift Exchange. We agreed to change the rules to allow members to open their gifts as they pick them from the table, so that we can see what they got and possibly steal on our turn. Each gift can be stolen 3 times. The gifts are to be brought from home, not purchased for the event.
        5. Marion Green has moved to a new home in
Camarillo and sends a hi from there. Dianne Smith collected our scarf and hat donations and will get them to Marion to deliver to Operation Gratitude for the troops.
    D. Philanthropy    Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy
        1. Judy sent a box of things for Afghans for Afghanistan and one to Children in Common (Russia and Ukraine). These two charities have temporarily stopped sending items to the countries, due to political issues in Afghanistan and a slow-down in adoptive parents to carry things for CIC. These organizations suggest continuing to knit but send the donations instead to local and US locations. Judy also brought pink yarn donated by Kollage Yarn Company to use for Knit for the Cure.
        2. Michelle Tang reminded us that her friend in
New York is again collecting mittens. This year they will go to homeless shelters in Buffalo, NY. They can be made from any yarn and should be mainly children’s sizes, although there will be some older children/teens. She will collect them at the December Potluck and then send them off.
        3. Betty Molinaro showed us a baby hat she made in red yarn. She suggested that we all make red or green baby hats this month to collect at the December Potluck and distribute to the various hospitals and organizations to which we give baby things. They can be preemie or larger size.
    F. Show and Share Members
    8:45pm: Meeting Adjourned