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JCK General Meeting
Wednesday, May 3, 7:00-9:00pm
Sparr Heights Community Center, 1613 Glencoe Way, Glendale 91208

    6:30pm: Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.
    7:00pm: Meeting Call to Order
    Message Board Contest Award
    Announcements [Members]
    Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory]
    Book Reviews [Members]
    Tent Cards [Members]
    Show-and-Share [Cindy Vogel]
    9:00pm Adjourn
Marsha Stoddard, Scribe
    7:10pm    Meeting Called to Order    Evelyn Van Orden, President

    A. Announcements    Members
        1. Lynne Emery announced that she goes to Vromans Bookstore, where a knitting group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 2-4pm. 
        2. Evelyn Van Orden said that she and Cindy Vogel attended the TKGA convention in Oakland. She indicated that there might not be any more Burbank shows.
        3. We voted on having easy and light refreshments each month, and a sign-up sheet was put on the table for 2 members each month to sign up to bring either something sweet or something munchy.
    B. Philanthropy
    Judy Gregory
        1. Judy Gregory is about to send some boxes of wool things.
        2. Danial Streeter volunteers at the Positive Image Center of the City of Hope, where they treat cancer, diabetes, and other serious illnesses. They are very happy to receive chemo caps and afghans, of various sizes. They serve adults and children. Items should be washable and soft, with seamless caps.
        3. Jerri Nicol announced that she has taken 3 shawls from members to Windsor Manor Retirement Facility.  Also, Betty Molinaro gave 1 baby layette(sweater, hat, booties) to the Christ Child Society in April and is planning to give 2 baby layettes, 6 baby hats, 2 pairs of booties, and 4 baby blankets this week.  All of these items were made by our members.
        4. Wool items donated were 1 child’s sweater, several baby hats, and several pairs of socks.
        5. Jerri Nicol will update the ongoing list of charities.
    C. Minutes    Evelyn Van Orden
        1. Minutes were printed and available for reading.
    D. Treasurer's Report    Evelyn Van Orden
        1. There was no income nor were there expenses in April, so the balance is the same.
    E. Book Sharing    Diane Larsen
        Members brought the following books to share:
        Vogue Knitting
        Various small paperback books on making baby items
        200 Knitted Blocks (6 inch blocks)
        Wiseman Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques
        Crochet Basics
        Vogue Knitting Stitchionary
        New Knits on the Block: by Vickie Howell
        Knitting for Dummies
        Crewel World (and others): by Ferris; series of novels about a needlework shop
        Mermaid Chair: new novel by Sue Monk Kidd
        Module Magic
        Crocheted Bats (Vogue Knitting Series)
        Opinionated Knitter: by Elizabeth Zimmerman
        Crochet Portable Crafter
        Teach Yourself Visually How to Knit
        Debbie Macomber: series of fiction books on a knitting shop
    F. Next month’s program    Diane Larsen
        1. Deborah Kac jokingly felt that we should have a session with Judy Gregory to teach us how to read and knit at the same time. Lynne Emery added that there are available now lighted knitting needles!
        2.  We decided to have a mentoring session. Members will bring patterns that they would like to make or are having trouble with, and we will divide into pairs or groups for assistance with knitting/crocheting problems.
    G. Show and Share    Members
    8:50pm    Meeting Adjourned