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JCK Charity Knit and Crochet Day, April 27, 2013

Karin Igoyan, Judy Gregory, Sera Stammer, Jerri Thomson, Sandra Canfield, Linda Merrill, Megan Kreiner "Crochet a Zoo", Gohar Prior, Sue Dietel, Donna Hovartos, Irene Rezaie, Carole Buss with Friend, Marie Benes
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 7:00-9:00pm

Scholl Canyon Estates Retirement Community

1551 East Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale, CA 91206
Scott & Donna Randon (818-956-3830)

6:30pm: Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.
7:00pm: Call to Order [Cindy Vogel, Programs]
    Hospitality [Sue Dietel, Hospitality]
    Secretarial [Karin Igoyan, Secretary]
    Treasury [Cindy Vogel, Treasurer]
    Philanthropy [Judy Gregory, Philanthropy]
    Programs [Sandra Canfield, Programs]
JCK Charity Knit & Crochet Day [Judy Gregory, Event Coordinator]
    Granny Squares Charity Project [Jerri Thomson & Marie Benes]
Show and Share (didn't have time for this)
9:00pm: Adjourn

7:10pm: Call to Order Judy Gregory, VP & Cindy Vogel, Treasurer
 17 members were present.
Judy and Cindy together ran the meeting at warp speed.

Hospitality Sue Dietel, Hospitality
Thanks to Gohar Prior and Sue Dietel for bringing delicious snacks.

Secretarial Karin Igoyan, Secretary
Minutes for the March 6 General Meeting were emailed to Active Members on May 5 and posted on the website May 28. They were approved.

Treasury Cindy Vogel, Treasurer
The balance in our treasury is $713.77 (includes $0.05 interest).

Programs Sandra Canfield, Programs
Sandra attended a Knerdy Knitters meeting in Burbank and has lots of ideas for our group as a result. One of her suggestions is that for those who are interested, we can meet every couple of weeks outside of our regular JCK meetings.

Philanthropy Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy
Afghans for Afghanistan: Judy reported that Afghan for Afghanistan finally posted their needs, which are the following items to be mde of at least 80% wool yarn: Sweaters, socks, mittens and hats.
LA County+USC NICU: Marsha Stoddard received a letter of thanks for our donation of baby items.
Christ Child Society: Sue Dietel reported that she has not received any new news.
Knots of Love: Jerri Thomson reported that Janice Ogata has organized a drive to get 200 hats for her Toastmaster's Club's "Knit and Knot-a-thon" for Knots of Love. There is a request for cotton hats. Red Heart's new yarn "With Love" has been added to the list of approved yarns. Our group has made 39 hats so far this year!
Operation Gratitude: Marsha Stoddard reminded us that hats and scarves in dark neutral colors are needed. Items are delivered in the Fall, but of course we can knit all year long and either save them till then or give to Marsha for safekeeping.

Caps for Seamen: Sandra Ogden informed us that any color hats are needed, and scarves are appreciated too.

Bras for a Cause Fundraiser: Evelyn Van Orden reported that Soroptimist of Glendale is holding their 10th Annual Bras for a Cause Fundraiser on Saturday, April 20 at the Glendale Hilton. Evelyn asked for luxury items such as cowls, scarves, and shawls for their silent auction. Proceeds benefit all 3 local hospitals for breast scanner screening equipment and treatment.
GAR Derby Day Fundraiser: Evelyn Van Orden reported that Glendale Association for the Retarded will hold their annual Derby Day Fundraiser on Saturday, May 4 at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank. Evelyn asked for luxury items such as cowls, scarves, and shawls for their silent auction. Proceeds benefit GAR's many programs. Last year's event raised over $82,000.

Granny Squares Lap Blanket Project Jerri Thomson & Marie Benes
Jerri Thomson reported that she has crocheted 5 blankets!
Marie Benes informed us that Carol, Manager of JoAnn's in La Canada, donated a large bag full of yarn that Marie untangled and salvaged for JCK to use for this project.
Evelyn Van Orden reported that Montrose Healthcare Center would like to receive up to 12 blankets to give to their residents for Mother's Day.
Donna Hovartos suggested selecting one nursing home at a time to receive donated blankets. Managers/administrators of local nursing homes should be contacted by JCK members to determine if they are interested in receiving blankets, how many, and when.
Thanks to Jerri and Marie for continuing to do such a great job on this project!

Charity Knit and Crochet Day Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy
 Judy reported that the JCK Charity Knit and Crochet Day will be Saturday, April 27 at St. Luke's of the Mountains Episcopal Church on Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta.
This event was promoted at Itza Knitterie during Yarn Crawl (described below).
At the event, there will be a potluck lunch and we will work on the Granny Squares Lap Blankets and other charity knitting projects to be discussed at the April meeting.
Since it will be two weeks after the Yarn Crawl, we are hoping to get the word out and leave flyers at the participating yarn shops, to get as many people as possible to come.
We will set up tables for different activities, charities and demonstrations.
The church has asked us to donate $100 to cover utilities, etc. Cindy Vogel will bring and donate a basket to raffle, with the proceeds going to the church. There may also be other baskets and other items to raffle.
The church has an annual Christmas Bazar and asked us to knit wash cloths to be part of their fundraising raffle. Marie offered to bring a book of patterns to the next meeting.
Photos below!

We need ideas for fundraising!
Evelyn Van Orden is willing to teach members to knit and crochet jewelry which can be sold at Itza Knitterie as a fundraiser for our guild. Class can be scheduled at Itza Knitterie on a weekday afternoon.
Evelyn emailed a JCK guild flyer to members to print and hand our and post at libraries, churches, and local businesses to promote our guild.
Evelyn emailed generic JCK business cards for members to print and hand out.

9:00pm: Meeting Adjourned

JCK Charity Knit and Crochet Day
Saturday April 27, 2013 from 10am-4pm

St. Luke's of the Mountains Episcopal Church
2563 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta 91214

Karin Igoyan, Judy Gregory, Sera Stammer, Jerri Thomson, Sandra Canfield, Linda Merrill, Megan Kreiner "Crochet a Zoo", Gohar Prior, Sue Dietel, Donna Hovartos, Irene Rezaie, Carole Buss with Friend, Marie Benes

Linda Merrill, Sandra Canfield, Jerri Thomson, Megan Kreiner, Sera Stammer, Evelyn Van Orden, Gohar Prior, Donna Hovartos, Susan Dietel, Irene Rezaie, Marie Benes.

 Monica Sottolani, Linda Merrill, Monica's Daughters

 Crochet a Zoo Trunk Show and Book

 Donna Hovartos with her Granny Square Lap Blanket

 Karin Igoyan and Marsha Stoddard

 Deb Kac and Marie Benes

Nancy, new JCK member who donated a lot of yarn, with Judy Gregory and Jerri Thomson at Knots of Love Station -- Thanks Nancy for all the yarn for granny squares -- it's already being put to good use!

 St. Luke's is a lovely place for our events!

Raffle prizes won by Monica Sottolani, Tammy Takahashi, Myrtle Nelson
Donated by Jerri Thomson, Itza Knitterie Owner Maritza Sasaki, and Cindy Vogel

Jerri Thomson with knit washcloths+soap donated by Sandra Canfield
Marie Benes won yarn basket donated by Cindy Vogel & Judy Gregory
Sandra Canfield won yarn basket donated by Cindy Vogel & Judy Gregory

Not shown: Purple knit ruffled scarf handmade and donated by Sandra Ogden

Thanks to everyone for a fabulous event!

Photography by Evelyn Van Orden


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