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JCK Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 7:00-9:00pm

Crescenta Valley Methodist Church, 2700 Montrose Ave., Room 24, Montrose 91020


    6:30pm: Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.
    7:00pm: Call to Order [Evelyn Van Orden, President]
    Approval of Minutes [Marsha Stoddard, Secretary]
    Thanks for Treats [Cathy Wacker, Hospitality]
    Treasurer's Report [Cindy Vogel, Treasurer]
    Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy]
    Program Report including Yarn Crawl Participation [Bonnie James, Programs]
    Location Vote by Secret Ballot [Judy Gregory, Chair & Jerri Thomson]
    Swift and Ball Winder Demo [Bonnie James]
    JCK Favorite Patterns/Books
    Show and Share
    Location Vote Results [Judy Gregory, Chair & Jerri Thomson]
    May 4 Meeting Planning [Evelyn Van Orden]
    9:00pm: Adjourn
    7:10 pm: Meeting Called to Order   Evelyn Van Orden, President    19 members were present plus 2 new members:
        Eve Pereira    Friend of new member Pam McSmith
        Monica Sottolani    Member of the new Knerdy Knitters Guild of Burbank
    A. Approval of Minutes    Marsha Stoddard, Secretary

        1. The minutes for the March meeting were posted on the website, and a hardcopy was available for review at the meeting.

    B. Treasurer's Report    Evelyn Van Orden for Cindy Vogel, Treasurer

        1. The balance in our treasury is $790.85, including $0.11 interest posted March 31.

    C. Thanks for Treats   Cathy Wacker, Hospitality

        1. Cathy thanked Martinez, Cathy Wacker, and Jerri Thomson for the delicious treats for our meeting.

    D. Philanthropy Report    Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy
        1. Judy reported that Afghans for Afghanistan is waiting for its next shipment. They want socks and sweaters for kids ages 7–18, and the items need to be 75-100% wool.
        2. Judy donated many hanks of her hand-dyed wool yarn in shades of blue ("Judy blue") to be used for charity knitting, specifically for Afghans for Afghanistan. 
        3. Evelyn reminded us that the Glendale Association for the Retarded (GAR), is holding their 21st Annual Derby Day fundraiser on Saturday, May 5 at Pickwick Garden Banquet Center. GAR is seeking handmade items for babies, children, and adults for their silent auction. Evelyn received a handknit girl's sweater at the meeting [who gave it to me???]. She added it to the girl's sweater that Cindy donated previously, labelled both items with JCK tags, and delivered them to GAR. 
        4. Evelyn also reported that Soroptimist International of Glendale is holding their annual Bras for a Cause fundraiser on April 28 at the Oakmont Country Club. Soroptimist is seeking handmade items for babies, children, and adults for their silent auction. At the meeting, new member Pam McSmith donated a beautiful handknit purple and green variegated ruggled scarf. Evelyn combined this scarf with a Victoria's Secret corset and matching necklace/earrings set, labelled it with a JCK tag, and entered it with the title "Spring Fling Ensemble" as a decorated bra to be auctioned at the event. Evelyn also delivered a handknit baby sweater and girl's sweater donated by Cindy Vogel for the silent auction. Evelyn's student Lynne Raggio, Soroptimist member and event organizer, was thrilled to receive these items. Thanks to all!
        5. Jerri Thomson will deliver 17 caps to Knots of Love this month. She also reported that Knots of Love has a new campaign to make caps for young women, featuring more hip, trendy, upbeat patterns. There will be a contest for the best designs. If you donate a pattern, it must be an original design, adult-women size, and call for one of the approved yarns. It must include a written up pattern and be turned in by May 31. Winners will receive a beautiful Knots of Love Icon Heart necklace and have their pattern posted online. You can mail your donation directly to KOL, 2973 Harbor Blvd. #822, Costa Mesa,92626. See their website for further information, patterns, and approved yarns.
Evelyn reported that The Terrier Club is a website that has members from around the world who own Cairn Terriers and West Highland White Terriers (Westies). Her husband Mark started The Terrier Club website in 1998. Clara del Valle was the very first member. Clara lives in Michigan with her Westie and her Bearded Collie (Beardie). Clara sells her handmade crochet necklaces called People Collars to raise money for Westie Rescue and Beardie Health. They are available for $10 (click here to purchase). Clara also auctions her artwork. She would be thrilled to receive handmade donations from JCK members at any time for her ongoing fundraising activities. Evelyn plans to donate one of her new knit beaded bracelets and/or necklaces for Clara's next fundraising event.
        7. Please see below for a complete list of the charities that we support.
    E. Program Report    Evelyn Van Orden for Bonnie James, Programs
        1. Bonnie reported about the 1st Annual Los Angeles County Yarn Crawl happening April 12-15 at 27 yarn shops around the southland. Needle in a Haystack, our guild's sponsor located in Montrose will participate and has many new things to offer those who join the Crawl. You can buy a passport for $5 that gives you other special benefits. There will be raffles, trunk shows, prizes, and demonstrations. Evelyn will demonstrate her Knit/Crochet Beaded Jewelry on Thursday and Sunday from 3-5pm. For more information about the event including list of participating shops, click here.
        2. A small committee of several members worked with Bonnie to come up with various new ideas for programs. Kathy Fogel suggested we work with a partner to take each others' measurements for use in making sweaters, socks, etc. If some members are reluctant to demonstrate skills or techniques in front of the large group, we could break up into smaller groups. Betty Molinaro suggested a Saturday field trip to visit a llama farm in Apple Valley. Kim Smith offered several months ago to do another Saturday field trip through her NICU. We will pick a date in May. Other ideas were knitting/crocheting basics, entrelac, cast-ons and cast-offs, practice gauge with swatches made of wool and then combine them all into an afghan for Judy to send to Afghans for Afghanistan, and more.
        3. Bonnie handed out cards with which to vote on 3 things: indicate if we would like a program every month, every other month, or once a quarter. We were also to indicate if we were not willing at all to demonstrate ever, if we would do a small group, or if we would demonstrate in front of the large group. Lastly, we were to say if we were interested in Saturday field trips.    
        4. If you have any further ideas for programs, please contact Bonnie (
    F. Announcements
        1. There were no announcements.
    G. Location Vote    Judy Gregory, Location Committee Chair and Jerri Thomson
. Judy handed out secret ballots with which to vote for one of 4 sites. Judy and Jerri counted the votes and announced that the winner was Scholl Canyon Estates Retirement Community located in Glendale on Chevy Chase across the street from Glendale Adventist Hospital. Our May meeting will be held there. Evelyn's email said:

Scholl Canyon Estates Retirement Community
    1551 E. Chevy Chase Dr.
    Glendale, CA 91206


    Click here to view their website, then…
        Watch the Photo Tour on the main page.
        Click on Services & Amenities. The Billiards Room is the room we will use.
        To find out how to get there, click on Map and Directions.
        Click here to see this month’s Newsletter including the schedule of activities.

        2. The May 2 JCK General Meeting will be held at this location for the first time. Come early at 6:30pm to leave time for parking and looking around. This looks like the perfect place for us and I can’t wait to check it out!
        3. Special thanks to everyone for all their hard work, especially:
            Judy Gregory    Location Committee Chair
            Jerri Thomson    Location Committee Member
            Darryl Thomson    Location Committee Consultant (and Jerri’s husband)
            Marsha Stoddard    Secretary & Facilitator
            JCK Active Members
        4. This was a very challenging 3-month long undertaking that required a lot of networking, driving, phoning, emailing, and worrying. It was handled expertly with hefty doses of perseverance and patience. Thanks to all for a job well done!
    I. Swift and Ball Winder Demo    Bonnie James, Program Coordinator
        1. Bonnie won the swift and ball winder at the December Potluck Party Raffle that were donated by Evelyn's student Carol Deutsch.
        2. Bonnie demonstrated how to use them.
        3. During the break, she wound yarn for several members, and also showed interested members how to do it themselves.

J. JCK Favorite Patterns/Books
        1. Members shared their favorite patterns and books.
        2. The list is posted below.
    K. Show and Share
    L. Ongoing Charities
a. Afghans for Afghanistan continues to need items for children aged 7–16, such as vests, hats, sweaters, socks, and blankets, and the items should be wool only. ’Afghans’ mainly needs socks and sweaters. Judy Gregory takes our donations and mails them off. We can also make wool afghan squares, with at least 1 side 8” long, using worsted weight wool yarn in a firm (not lacey) pattern. Judy prefers garter stitch. She collects them and then puts them together to make patchwork afghans.
           b. Christ Child Society takes baby blankets. Betty Molinaro will collect them each month. This group makes comprehensive layettes for needy mothers, and they like to include a handmade item.
           c. Jerri Thomson collects chemo caps for Knots of Love, an organization that sends the caps to cancer centers, now even in England. They have a website which lists the specific yarns they require us to use for the caps.
           d. Irene Rezaie takes 2 or 4-holed buttons to send to women in Africa. They make things to sell using these buttons, and it gives them a livelihood.
           e. Kimberly Smith works as a nurse at the LAC-USC Medical Center NICU. She delivers our preemie things – hats, booties, blankets, sweaters. The blankets can be small, to cover the isolettes.
           f. Marsha Stoddard collects dark-colored hats and scarves all year for Operation Gratitude, a group that sends boxes to our troops in December. To date, this organization has shipped over 700,000 shoebox-sized care packages to our troops. The scarf size is limited, due to space, to 5-7” wide X 45-50” long, and patterns are available here.
           g. Any new charity is welcome – the member interested in that charity should take responsibility for explaining the charity at a monthly guild meeting, any specific requirements, and then collect and deliver our donations.
    9:00pm: Meeting Adjourned

JCK Favorite Patterns/Books 2012

Custom Fit    Frost, Jean    Helps with taking measurements  (Mary Kay Busalacchi book)
Knitting Mochimochi: Toys
    Hrachovec, Anna    Super-cute toys  (Mary Kay Busalacchi book)
Knitted Toy Tales   Long, Laura    (Mary Kay Busalacchi book)
Men's Hat    Pattern from Lilli Horjea    (given to Gohar Prior)
Hat pattern    Lion Brand    (Irene Rezaie pattern)
itch 'n Bitch Superstar Knitting: Go Beyond the Basics    Stoller, Debbie    Advanced knitting skills and techniques    (Eve Pereira book)

Jane Austin Kids     Magazine    (Cindy Vogel magazine)  

KOL Quick and Easy Afghans    (Sue Dietel pattern)  

Baby Too    Filatura di Crosa    Baby patterns    (Pam McSmith book)

Knit Speak    Price, Andrea    (Jerri Thomson book)
Knit Along Cowl    Knit Along    (Monica Sottolani pattern)

Complete Guide to Crochet    Hubert, Margaret    (Sandra Canfield book)
One-Skein Wonders   Durant, Judith    Sock Yarn skeins     (Pat Schnurbusch book)

Nifty Knit Washcloths    Leisure Arts    Cotton washcloths    (Olga Martinez leaflet)

Layettes   Leisure Arts    Baby things    (Cathy Wacker leaflet)

Knitting Answer Book    Radcliffe, Margaret    Answers to many of our questions    (Cathy Wacker book)

Dyes from Kitchen Produce    Ishi, Satsudo    (Deborah Kac book)
Knitters Almanac    (Lilli Horjea book)

All-Time Best Blankets    Crochet Today    (Bonnie James magazane)
Last Minute Gifts    Hoveson, Joelle    For someone who has very little time    (Bonnie James book)
Daphne    c2knits    Top Down Boat-NeckTee    (Evelyn Van Orden pattern)
Eva    c2knits    Mohair Cardi with Beaded Ruffle   (Evelyn Van Orden pattern)


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