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March 20 2006 Round Table Meeting

JCK Round Table Meeting
Monday, March 20, 2006, 9:30-11:30am
Goudas and Vines, 
2256 Honolulu Ave., Montrose, CA 91020 (818-249-9950)

    0. Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc. [Members]
1. Introductions, Announcements, Agenda Review [Cindy Vogel, Evelyn Van Orden, Members]
    2. New JCK Website [Evelyn Van Orden]
    3. 2003/2004/2005 Treasurer's Report & 2006 Proposed Budget [Evelyn Van Orden]
    4Spring Fundraiser Event Logistics [Evelyn Van Orden]
    5Philanthropy Policies & Proposals [Judy Gregory, Members]
    6. Suggestions for Mission, Philanthropy, Education, Budget, Fundraising, etc. [Suggestion Committee, Members]
    7. Meeting Schedule and Format [Evelyn Van Orden]

    8Action Items Review [Cindy Vogel]
    9. Adjourn
    Evelyn Van Orden, President
    Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy
    Diane Larsen, Program Chair; Suggestion Committee Chair
    Jerri Nicol, Suggestion Committee Member
    Lee McIntyre, Suggestion Committee Member
    Marsha Stoddard, Suggestion Committee Member
    Cindy Vogel, Meeting Scribe
    Barbara Bell
    Betty Molinaro
Minutes:    Cindy Vogel, Scribe
9:30am    Meeting Called to Order    Evelyn Van Orden, President

    A. Announcements
        1. Boutique Workshop/Potluck Lunch @ Judy Gregory's Home on March 25 from 11:00am-3:00pm.

        2. Please visit JCK's new website: Please use the new message board. There is a minimal cost for the website. 

    B. Meetings
Guild meetings will now include previous meetings minutes.
        2. Linda Derderian requested that the minutes be brought in hard copy form to the guild meetings for those who do not have a computer.

        3. Please announce the Round Table Meeting at the General Meetings so that everybody can be included if they can attend.
        4. There were
objections to the name of the Business Meeting and there were suggestions that it be called a Round Table or Board Meeting. We are using the name "Round Table Meeting" until a formal decision is made.
        5. ACTIONS:
            a. Provide h
ardcopies of the Treasurer's Reports at 
the April 5 General Meeting.
    C. Finances
Members requested that copies of receipts be made available for the future financial reports.
        2. Evelyn Van Orden announced that she would like someone else to be Treasurer since she has been keeping guild funds in her personal savings account.
        3. Evelyn started discussions about our budget for 2006See handout. Discussions will continue at future meetings.
Evelyn also spoke about our sponsers. See handout.
        5. Each event needs to have proposed expenses discussed before we take on the events.
        6. ACTIONS:
            a. Open nominations for Treasurer at the April 5 General Meeting.
            b. Evelyn Van Orden will ask Wells Fargo for a 
free business checking/savings account for the guild.
    D. Suggestions
We need more locally based philanthropy.
We need bylaws and we need to vote on these bylaws in total or seperate. Ballots need to be preprinted for such events.
We need to ask for objections to events.
At the next General Meeting, we need to ask for volunteers to be in charge of certain events and the writing of the bylaws.
Barbara Bell is donating a book on bylaws and has committed to work towards creating a committe to draft these.
Show-and-Share needs to be about items made and nothing more. No pitching of our wares.
        7. ACTIONS:
            a. Cindy Vogel will make a new Tent Card for
Members Advertising. This will be for anybody to use
            b. Form a By-Laws Committee to draft a JCK Bylaws document. Present the draft at a JCK General Meeting and call for a vote. Document to include list of JCK Officers and rules for Election of Officers. Evelyn Van Orden and Barbara Bell volunteered to be on the Committee. More volunteers are needed.
            c. After the JCK Bylaws document is approved by the membership, hold Election of Officers.
    E. Yarn Donations & Storage
        1. Diane Larsen has volunteered to be in charge of receiving, inventorying, and storing donated yarn.
        2. ACTIONS:
Please bring all donated yarn to the next meeting. 

    F. Philanthropy
Flyers need to be made for each individual cause so that requirements and donations are clearly defined.
    11:30am    Meeting Adjourned