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March 1 2006 General Meeting

JCK General Meeting
Wednesday, March 1, 2006, 7:00-9:00pm
Sparr Heights Community Center, 1613 Glencoe Way, Glendale, CA 91208 (818-548-2188)

    0. Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc. [Members]
1. Announcements [Evelyn Van Orden, Members]
2New General Meeting Format; New Business Meeting [Evelyn Van Orden, Judy Gregory, Cindy Vogel]
. Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory]
    4Knit for the Cure Event Report [Michelle Bernal]
    5. JCK Designer Clothing Sale & Spring Boutique Event Planning [Evelyn Van Orden, Judy Gregory]
    6Tent Cards [Cindy Vogel will explain this concept; Members]

    7. Show-and-Share [Cindy Vogel will explain the new format; Members who wish can participate]

    9. Adjourn  
    Cindy Vogel, Scribe
7:00pm    Meeting Called to Order
    A. Organization
    1. Proposal of new format including guild voting on new and pending issues.
        2. Judy Gregory is helping to facilitate and keep the meeting on track.

        3. Linda Derderian handled sign-in and badges Ė Thanks.
        4. ACTIONS:
 Van Orden said she would get a better filing system for these badges.
    B. Announcements
        1. Knit for the cure photos were on display.
        2. That Yarn Store (dates and times subject to change):
            March 18: Equinox Celebration including food and classes
            March 8: Sweater Knit Along 2pm

            March 8: Menís Knitting night 5-7pm
Two Meetings Each Month
        1. Starting in March, there will be two different meetings:
            General Meeting: Focus is on
education and socializing. 1st Wednesday of the month from 7-9pm at Sparr Heights Community Center.
            Round Table Meeting: Focus will be on discussing guild organization issues. 3rd week of the month; date, time, location TBD.
        2. Items of general interest will be voted on at General Meetings.
        3. Complex items related to organizing guild business will be discussed at Round Table Meetings, but voting will occur at the General Meetings.
        4. All members are invited to participate in all meetings.
    D. New Format for General Meeting
If we have a guest speaker, we ask that they stay for at least one hour to appreciate what our guild does.
        2. Fundraising Events need to be voted on at each meeting as needed
        3. Tent Cards are now used to better inform members of our guild's many projects.

        4. ACTIONS:
We need to come up with a better voting format. It would be better to have ballots prepared so that issues are addressed properly.
            b. Provide Treasurer's Reports more often.
    E. Suggestion Committee
        1. A Suggestion Committee was formed and consists of Diane Larsen (Chair), Jerri Nicol, Marsha Stoddard, and Lee McIntyre.
Jerri Nicol said that we need to clarify our mission. Each one of us needs to submit in writing our mission so that the Suggestion Committee can compile the information.
        3. Betty Molinaro would like to have our mission be knitting and education and philanthropy.

        4. ACTIONS:
            a. Members 
communicate their ideas to Diane Larsen in writing, via email, or verbally.

            b. The Suggestion Committee will read all mission statements and suggestions and organize them into categories for discussion at the March 20 Round Table Meeting and also at the April 5 General Meeting. Nothing will be censored or edited, but the information will be organized to make it easier to present, analyze, and act upon.
    F. Boutique Workshop
        1. Judy Gregory provided crochet patterns for jewelry.
        2. ACTIONS:
will email directions and times to Jerri's house for the Boutique Workshop/Potluck Lunch.
    9:00pm    Meeting Adjourned