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JCK Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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JCK General Meeting
Wednesday, February 4, 7:00-9:00pm

Crescenta Valley Methodist Church, 2700 Montrose Ave., Room 25, Montrose 91020
    6:30pm: Set up, Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.
    7:00pm: Call to Order [Evelyn Van Orden, President]
    Approval of Minutes [Marsha Stoddard, Secretary]
    Treasurer's Report [Jerri Nicol, Treasurer]
    Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy]

    Announcements [Members]
    Book Reports [Members]
    Show and Share
    9:00pm: Adjourn
7:10pm: Meeting Called to Order   Evelyn Van Orden, President    14 members were present, plus 2 new members.
    A. Minutes    Marsha Stoddard
        Minutes of the January meeting were posted on the website and a hardcopy provided at the meeting. They were approved.

    B. Treasurer's Report    J
erri Nicol
        1. Jerri reported that the balance in our treasury is $908.73.
    C. Announcements    Members

        1. Cathy Wacker thanked Lynne Emery, Diane Larsen, and Michelle Bernal for the yummy treats.

        2. Evelyn announced that Needle in a Haystack will be having workshops this month: Introduction to Knitting, Introduction to Needlepoint, and Introduction to Embroidery. On February 20, from 7:00 – 9:00 there will be a Fashion Show, with wine and cheese and modeling our handmade clothes. There will be 20% off items in the shop that evening. We should RSVP to the shop to reserve a spot. Evelyn will also be holding a sock class at the shop during February. During this month there is a needlepoint contest, as well as 20% off all pink yarn, in honor of Knit for the Cure. The shop website is
        3. Michelle Bernal talked about the Knit for the Cure, which is part of the
Pasadena annual Race for the Cure. This year it will be held March 15, from 8:00 – 12:00, at the Rose Bowl. We have supported the event for four years by volunteering at the Knit for the Cure tables in the Susan G. Komen Foundation tent. We also have made scarves, hats, fingerless mittens, stuffed toys, felted and non-felted purses, etc. to be sold there. Our members Michelle Bernal and Jennifer Minzy are in charge of the Knit for the Cure. They will be collecting knit/crochet items through the March meeting. We can also drop off items at Needle in a Haystack or other participating knitting shops in the area. The items should be made to include some amount of pink, although there are always shoppers looking for non-pink things as well. The proceeds will go to the Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research. Over the past 3 years more than $25,000 has been raised! Any items not sold get donated to the Komen Foundation to give as gifts to survivors. We can see pictures of past events by looking at We can sign up at the February and March meetings to work at the event.
        4. Michelle also told us about a new idea for the preparation for Knit for the Cure. They want to have a “Yarn Crawl”.
The Yarn Crawl will be posted online, and it is to encourage the knitters to visit the yarn shops. They will have a "passport" that people can take from store to store, and those who visit at least a certain number of stores will be entered in a raffle. We can read more at the website.
        5. Marsha asked if anyone wants the crochet thread from the JCK stash. If not, she will give it to a thrift shop. If you would like any of the crochet thread or some of the novelty yarn we have (fancy-fur or ribbon), please contact her at 818-249-4892 or by email:
        6. A customer from Needle in a Haystack donated 2 bags of yarn to take for any kinds of projects (charity or not).
        7. If we take our Knit for the Cure items to Needle in a Haystack by March 7, we will receive a 20% off coupon.

    D. Philanthropy    Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy 
        1. Judy was away on a sales trip, so Evelyn read some information regarding Afghans for Afghanistan. Their current projects through March are socks for babies and children and blankets. The socks should be at least 75% wool, worsted weight; they are looking for a minimum of 2.5” in length through 8 years old. They also would like heavy wool blankets, from 30"X40” to 45"X55”.
        2. Donna Hovartos gave us information about Project Linus, a group that provides thousands of blankets for babies through teens. The baby blankets should be 40X40” or 36"X45”. Teen blankets should be 40 X long enough to cover a teen. They should be acrylic and solid, not lacy. Donna’s own group has a website at On February 14 they have a workday called Blanket Day. They also will take baby hats. Contact Donna for more information.
        3. Lynne Emery brought up Warm Up America, which collects 7"X9” squares and stitches them into blankets, but we don’t know of a local contact.
        4. Betty reminded us that there are many local organizations that we already support which can use our donations: Christ Child Society, Stitches from the Heart, Brothers’ Helpers,
Methodist Hospital, Huntington Hospital, L.A. County Hospital Neonatal, etc.
        5. Donna suggested we might also want to donate to other organizations that help needy people, like food banks, etc.

    E. Book Reports   Members
    F. Show and Share   Members
    8:45pm: Meeting Adjourned

JCK Favorite Books 2008

Knit One, Kill Two (etc)               Sefton, Maggie           Fiction mysteries

Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Needlecraft

Newsletter from Stitches from the Heart                                                                        Periodic

Knitters Companion                    Square, Vicki              Small, spiral bound

Crochet Stitch Bible                    Barnden, Betty            Spiral bound

Knitting Stitch Bible                     Parry-Jones, Maria      Spiral bound

Knit ‘n Style Magazine

Cast on Magazine                       TKGA                         Periodic publication

One Skein, 36 Quick Patterns to Knit or Crochet     Radford, Leigh

Last Minute Knitted Gifts              Hoverson, Joelle and Williams, Anna

Maran Illustrated Knitting and Crocheting     maranGraphics     Excellent illustrations

Think Pink: Crochet for the Cure   Annie’s Attic: Crochet

Hand Knitting Techniques

Knitted Historical Figures             Messent, Jan