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JCK Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 7:00-9:00pm    

Scholl Canyon Estates Retirement Community

1551 East Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale, CA 91206
Scott & Donna Randon:

6:30pm: Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.
7:00pm: Call to Order [Judy Gregory, VP]
    Hospitality Report [Sue Dietel, Hospitality]
    Secretary’s Report [Karin Igoyan, Secretary]
    Treasurer's Report [Cindy Vogel, Treasurer]
    Fundraising Report [Evelyn Van Orden, President]
    Public Relations Report [Evelyn Van Orden, President]
    Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory, Philanthropy]
    Programs Report [Sandra Canfield, Programs Coordinator (Incoming)]
    Annual Guild Planning [Judy Gregory, VP]
    10th Anniversary Party
[Sue Dietel, Hospitality]
    Show and Share
9:00pm: Adjourn


7:00pm: Call to Order  Judy Gregory, VP
    • 12 members were present.
    • 1 guest was present: Gale Pittman (Judy Gregory's sister) visiting from Florida.

Hospitality Report  Sue Dietel, Hospitality
• Sue Dietel reported that she and Karin Igoyan brought the delicious treats.

Secretary's Report  Karin Igoyan, Secretary
    • There were no minutes for the December Holiday Party.
    • Photos of the Holiday Party and results of the Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser were reported on the website.

Treasurer's & Fundraising Report  Evelyn Van Orden for Cindy Vogel, Treasurer
    • The balance in our treasury is $748.66 (includes $0.07 interest).
    • $175 was raised from the Gift Basket Raffle:
        $85 from the Holiday Party
        $20 from Needle in a Haystack
        $70 from Itza Knitterie
    • $175 was paid to cover website hosting fees. Balanced owed for 2012 is $75.

PR Report  Evelyn Van Orden, President
    • Our meetings are listed in the Glendale News-Press Coming Events Calendar section.
    • Since moving to our new location we have lost some active members. We would like to recruit some new members, the goal being 30 members.
Donna Hovartos suggested leaving flyers in City libraries, such as Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, La Canada, La Crescenta and Atwater branches.
    • Evelyn will print brochures for distribution at libraries and yarn shops. JCK will reimburse her for the printing costs.
    • Evelyn will add our meetings to the evelynArts and Itza Knitterie online calendars.

Philanthropy  Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy
    • Afghans for Afghanistan: Judy reported that they need gloves, mittens and hats for now. She will let us know about the next call of action when she receives the information.
    • Christ Child Society: Sue Dietel shared that twice the amount of blankets have been requested for the 350 plus layettes for 2013 of the neediest families, mainly due to the economy. The question was raised whether baby quilts would be an option for layettes. Donna and Sue will give us an update.
    • Tech Trek: Evelyn is collecting luxury cowls and scarves for the Tech Trek Silent Auction Fundraiser at the AAUW Meeting on Saturday, January 12th (see below for photos of JCK's 4 donations).
    • LAC+USC NICU: Marsha Stoddard reported that 42 items were donated to Kim's NICUs, mainly hats, but a few sweaters, blankets and booties also. Great work!
    • Operation Gratitude: Marsha Stoddard reported that 20 scarves and 42 hats were donated for the year!
    • Knots of Love: Jerri Thomson gave the end-of-year report. A total of 86 hats were donated by JCK in 2012. Special mention and a heap of thanks to Sandra Ogden for all her contributions!
    • T
here are many needs and charities that could use our help. Union Station Shelter in Pasadena can use knitted items in the months of November through February. Call to send "The Kissing Hand" mittens to Newtown. The problem comes with short deadlines. It was also noted that Newtown has received so many gifts they are putting everything in storage until they can figure out what to do with it all.
Programs Report  Sandra Canfield, Incoming Programs Coordinator
Sandra Canfield ( is our new and very enthusiastic Programs Coordinator. She is seeking suggestions for future Programs and hopes that everyone will be interested in participating.

Member Survey Report  Judy Gregory, VP
Lots of ideas sprung from the survey of members that Judy conducted at the November meeting. It's good to know that members care and have great ideas! Here's a summary of your suggestions:
    • Make new friends and socialize.
    • Officers may need to have separate meetings.
    • Continue to focus on charity knitting.
    • Carpooling? If any member is not coming to the meeting because of the new location, carpooling may be arranged. We just need to figure out" the geography". Please call any active member if interested.
    • Meetings should be less formal.
    • Judy and Evelyn will alternate leading the meetings, but others are encouraged to participate and also run meetings. Jerri volunteered to lead the March meeting.
    • Focus more on education, find ways to expand our learning.
    • Offer classes for residents at Scholl Canyon Retirement Home.

Charity Knitting Day  Judy Gregory, VP
Judy proposed this fun day when members can come and put together afghans, for example. Also have education stations, food, potluck. Start thinking about what we want to include.
    • Judy will start looking for a place to reserve in late April or early May (after Yarn Crawl).

Officer Responsibilities  Judy Gregory, VP
    • Officers should ask for help and delegate responsibilities.
    • Members should be willing to volunteer and participate as much as possible.
    • Do we want to have elections in the future? The option is there, though there didn't seem to be a keen interest at this meeting.

Yarn Crawl  Judy Gregory, VP
    • The 2nd Annual Yarn Crawl will be held Thursday-Sunday, April 11-14 at 32 shops in Los Angeles County.
    • It sounds like a fun opportunity to visit many Local Yarn Shops (LYS) and get to know the types of yarns the stores carry (among other things).
    • Carpooling anyone?

JCK 10th Anniversary Party 
Evelyn Van Orden, President
The next meeting on February 6th will be a party to celebrate 10 years since JCK was founded on Valentine's Day 2003. There will be a festive cake, beverages, and munchies.

9:00pm: Meeting Adjourned

Thanks, Judy, for conducting this meeting -- you did a fabulous job! This was the first time in a decade that I was able to relax and knit and enjoy the meeting from the sofa. I was thrilled to sit next to your sister Gale, too! ~Evelyn

Thanks, Karin, for doing such a great job on the minutes! ~Evelyn

JCK/evelynArts Donations for Tech Trek Fundraiser
AAUW Glendale held its monthly meeting on Saturday, January 12th at the Oakmont Country Club. A silent auction was held to raise money for Tech Trek, a summer camp for middle school girls to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Careers. These are the 4 items donated by JCK and evelynArts. Thanks to Ruth Head, Gale Pittman, Cindy Vogel, and Evelyn Van Orden for helping make the fundraiser a success!

 Loom Knit Purple Cowl by Ruth Head (14-year-old daughter of Judy Gregory)
 Knit Novelty Scarf by Gale Pittman (Judy Gregory's sister from Florida)
 Knit Cabled Brown Tweed Cowl with Toggle Buttons by Cindy Vogel

 Knit Beaded Bracelet + $25 evelynArts Class Voucher by Evelyn Van Orden


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