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JCK Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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JCK General Meeting
Wednesday, January 7, 7:00-9:00pm

Crescenta Valley Methodist Church, 2700 Montrose Ave., Room 25, Montrose 91020
    6:30pm: Set up, Meet and Greet, Sign In, Get Organized, etc.

    7:00pm: Call to Order [Evelyn Van Orden, President]
    Approval of Minutes [Marsha Stoddard, Secretary]
    Treasurer's Report [Jerri Nicol, Treasurer]
    Philanthropy Report [Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy]

    Announcements [Members]
    Show and Share

    Trivia Contest

    9:00pm: Adjourn
7:10pm: Meeting Called to Order   Evelyn Van Orden, President    19 members were present, plus 2 new members.
    A. Minutes    Marsha Stoddard
        Minutes of the Decedmber meeting were posted on the website and a hardcopy provided at the meeting. They were approved.

    B. Treasurer's Report    J
erri Nicol
        1. Jerri reported that $23.84 was spent by Becky Goodman for the Holiday Potluck. (Her budget was $50).
        2. Jerri reported that the balance in our treasury is $908.73.
    C. Announcements    Members

        1. Cathy Wacker thanked Carol Parker and Cathy Wacker for the yummy treats.

        2. Evelyn announced that Judy Gregory has recently achieved TKGA Master Knitter!! It took her 4 years to complete the 3 levels. Only a few TKGA members each year accomplish this goal. Judy will be mentioned in the next Cast-On magazine, the publication of TKGA (The Knitting Guild Association). Congratulations Judy!! We are very proud of you!
        3. Evelyn and Jennifer Minzey talked about Knit for the Cure, which is part of the
Pasadena annual Race for the Cure. This year it will be held March 15 at the Rose Bowl. We have supported the event for four years by volunteering at Knit for the Cure tables in the Susan G. Komen Foundation tent. We also have made scarves, hats, fingerless mittens, stuffed toys, felted and non-felted purses, etc. to be sold there. Our members Michelle Bernal and Jennifer Minzey are in charge of the Knit for the Cure. They will be collecting knit/crochet items through the March meeting. We can also drop off items at Needle in a Haystack or other participating knitting shops in the area. The items should be made to include some amount of pink, although there are always shoppers looking for non-pink things as well. The proceeds will go to the Komen Foundation to support breast cancer research. Over the past 3 years more than $25,000 has been raised! Any items not sold get donated to the Komen Foundation to give as gifts to survivors. We can see pictures of past events by looking at We can sign up at the February and March meetings to work at the event.
        4. Marsha received an email from Janice Ogata. She has missed a number of meetings, due to so much work and overtime at her job. She hopes to return in March. Evelyn also had an email from Abby Cohen, who has been busy taking care of her grandchildren on Wednesday nights. She misses us and hopes to return eventually.
        5. Cindy Vogel brought a bag of discontinued yarn from her yarn rep business for us to take for any kinds of projects (charity or not). She showed some camel hair yarn. It will not take dye, so most skeins are natural color unless mixed with wool. The camel hair is harvested after it drops off. It is the hardiest of wools.
    D. Philanthropy    Judy Gregory, VP Philanthropy 
        1. Judy announced that Afghans for Afghanistan and Children in Common have temporarily suspended collections and new projects while they await shipping contacts. These organizations suggest continuing to knit but send the donations instead to local and US locations, such as Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
        2. Lynne Emery will take a large bag of our items to Stitches From the Heart, They have a yarn shop there, and they distribute a very good newsletter periodically.
        3. Betty showed us a typical layette compiled by Christ Child Society for new mothers. We have donated many handmade items, one for each layette.
        4. Kimberly Smith took 30 little red and green baby hats from JCK to her Neonatal Unit at
County Hospital. She wants to set up a Saturday when we can go and visit her unit and the babies. It will probably be a day in March.
        5. New member Karlene Cunningham suggested ChildSHARE as a possible charity for us to support. They take small blankets and other items. She will get more information to share with us. Sue Dietel adopted her 2 children through ChildSHARE. When the kids go to adoptive or foster homes, they have absolutely nothing with them. ChildSHARE gives them a Care package of things for their own.
    E. Planning for 2009   Members
        1. Last year we brought in our favorite knit/crochet-related books. Members enjoyed that and would like a repeat. We decided to bring them at the February meeting. Books, magazines, patterns can all be shared, with comments both favorable and unfavorable.
        2. Cindy Vogel suggested that some of us might like to make and enter items in the L.A. County Fair in September. After submitting an entry form in July, handmade entries (knit, crochet, needlework, quilts, etc.) need to be several days before the Fair starts and then collected after the Fair closes. Janice Ogata and Evelyn have both entered in the past and won ribbons. It was also suggested that we work on a group project, like an afghan. The issue then is finding a member to put it all together. It was suggested that we enter a baby blanket made by a group of members several years ago. Evelyn will bring it to show for further discussion.
        3. Mary Kaye Busalacchi requested that, since we have so many expert knitters, some of them might do instructions on different stitches or techniques, such as I-cord edging.
        4. Sue Dietel reminded us about the
Las Vegas game, which she told us about once last year. Each participant chooses 6 different colors of yarn and assigns each one a number. Then she rolls the dice and uses that color to knit a row/block of a scarf or blanket. Each participant comes up with an entirely different finished product. This project would be worked on at home as well.
F. Trivia Contest   Evelyn and Members
        1. Evelyn compiled 14 questions related to JCK and its history and activities.
        2. We divided into 2 groups called Knit Wits and Purl Girls and competed for points.
        3. It was a fun, interesting, and informative activity. Thanks for all the work, Evelyn.
    8:50pm: Meeting Adjourned