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Analee Perica
September 18, 2006 at 11:05
7-strand braiding card for cording

You can make your own cording using a simple 8 sided braiding card.

Use yarn, perle cotton, and/or metallic threads in the color combinations of your choice. The cording can be used for purse handles, ties, decorative couching, and be color coordinated to your project.

Here are the basic instructions.

Cut a 4" square from heavy cardboard. (Not corrigated!) Divide each side into 3 parts. Cut off the corners, leaving the central third on each side, (4 sides plus 4 corners ) making an octagon shape.

Cut a 1/4 in. slit in each side and a small hole (for the yarn) in the center. Measure off 7 strands of threads/yarn and tie together in an overhand knot. You need to measure at least twice the beginning length of yarn/thread for the finished length of cord.

Put the knot through the hole in the card. Holding the knot underneath with your left hand, put 1 strand into each of 7 slots in the card. The empty slot is the target for braiding.

The pattern of the cording will vary by the arrangement of colors and threads. Experiment!

Put the empty slot at the 6 o'clock position facing down. Find the strand in the 2 o'clock position. Move it to the empty slot. You have a new empty slot. Rotate the empty slot again to 6 o'clock, and move the 2 o'clock thread to the empty slot. Keep moving around in the same pattern.

You will notice that if you skip a strand after braiding, the next strand is at the 2 o'clock place. It is not necessary to turn the empty slot to 6 o'clock each time.

Keep downward pressure with your left hand on the knot to keep the braid even. From time to time, pull the strands individually out from the tangle. Using bobbins doesn't help; they just get tangled.


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